2016 Behind Us, 2017 Starts Now

I would like to take this time to personally thank our loyal customers, suppliers, and team members for the opportunities, orders, materials and resources provided to make DeWys a success in 2016. At DeWys Manufacturing, we count on our customers to award us work that we can excel at in every way. In our business, we focus on a diversified and balanced customer base. This diversification enables us to bring leading practices from one industry to the other. As many of you know, we supply industries including office furniture, medical equipment, and industrial/consumer products. This strategy enables us to grow and strengthen our business, allowing us to continue to supply high precision products for another 40+ years!

This year DeWys Manufacturing added on a second facility to provide additional capabilities for our customers. As that continues to develop, our hope is that this facility will bring more value to you. Also housed in this location, DeWys and several local employers, have partnered with a local K-12 public school system to create a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) lab. We currently have 100 students ranging from grades 7th – 10th that are participating in project based learning in the STEM lab. The lab encompasses approximately 3,500 square feet adjacent to a real manufacturing business where the students can hear and witness firsthand how ‘things’ are made. We believe that DeWys Manufacturing needs to foster that next generation to achieve the workforce necessary to continue business for another 40 years.

In celebration of 40 years of being your complete metal solutions provider, we are going to take this year to optimize the investments we have made over the past year. We plan to work on better utilization of the new automated conveyor system, our in-house weld cell “Megatron”, the automated insertion machine, and our P-2 lean panel bending Salvagnini. These 2016 advancements will really improve our processes, quality, and on time delivery for 2017.

With 2016 behind us, we are all looking to 2017 as an exciting year for DeWys Manufacturing. We look forward to continuing our partnerships in the new year.


Thank you & Happy New Year!

Jon DeWys

CEO of DeWys Manufacturing

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