DeWys Manufacturing Recipient of the 2014 STTF Grant

Marne, MI (January 5th, 2015) – DeWys Manufacturing Inc., a West Michigan based metal solutions company, is a recent recipient of an $18,800 grant from the Workforce Development Agency’s Skilled Trades Training Fund (STTF) program.

The STTF provides competitive awards for employees who have developed and implemented workforce training programs to enhance the skills, efficiency, and employment retention, while increasing the quality and competitiveness of Michigan’s businesses.

This state funded grant allows DeWys Manufacturing the opportunity to hire and train ten new team members in the press brake and welding departments, along with holding Kata training for team leads by September 2015.

Training for the new team members will be held through our DeWys University, a curriculum built on both theory and practice. Students receive six weeks of instructional and hands-on experience with a trainer in one of the five subject areas-welding, press brake operation, powder coating, machining, and cutting-followed by another six weeks of mentoring on the shop floor.

Kata training will be provided on-site by Grand Rapids Community College. Kata is a Japanese term that means way or manner of doing or how to do. In the workplace Kata’s are a small, structured practice routines or protocols that help an organization get stronger at achieving goals and meeting challenges. This will allow DeWys to achieve the next level of their lean journey.

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