Customized Robotic Weld Cell Created

Marne, MI (February 16th, 2015) – DeWys Manufacturing Inc., a West Michigan based metal solutions company, is pleased to announce the addition of Megatron, the new large weldment cell.

Megatron Robotic Weld CellThis robotic weld cell includes a Fanuc ARCmate 120ic robot, a custom built CNC controlled H-type cam indexer driven positioner, and a Lincoln Electric Power Wave i400 welder which is the most featured filled welder on the market. The new positioner will allow parts to be rotated to 8 different positions for weld access, allowing for more complex weldments to be achieved in one setup. The new weld cell also employs a ½ ton overhead bridge crane which allows heavy weldments to be removed from the custom built, high precisions jigs with ease.

Megatron is a DeWys built and assembled weld cell. Creating the weld cell on location allows it to be highly customizable to meet the customer’s needs. It also can accept a variety of electronics and sensors, such as inductive proximity which will ensure parts are located properly in the jigs and are welded to the highest quality every time. Also this cell will weld 3x faster than hand welding, giving you faster production and also the ability to run large batches of complex weldments. The Megatron has impressive repeatability of ±0.0008” at a 24” radius from the jig rotational center point, and accommodating parts up to 60” in length. In our mission to better serve the customer, DeWys is pleased to welcome the new Megatron large weldment cell as the next step in offering a higher quality weld at a competitive price.

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