Adding Value to our Manufacturing Capabilities

Marne, MI (September 14,2015) – DeWys Manufacturing Inc., a West Michigan based metal solutions company, is pleased to announce the addition of a new Amada EMK3612 Turret.

IMG_1503This turret has a wide variety of capabilities including automated sheet loading and unloading, the ability to complete coined in features such as tapping, countersinking, and letter stamping. In addition, it has ram positioning accuracy, a full set of high performance, quick adjust, large station air-blow holders, and precision ram motion control.

The new Amada EMK3612 offers DeWys Mfg. the capability of new forming features that can be difficult, impossible, or cost prohibited to complete in a press brake. The power vacuum system eliminates “slug pulling” which in turn helps improve our production efficiency for our customers. When the turret capabilities are combined with lower operating costs, it will result in a more economic solution compared to laser cutting. The Amada EMK3612’s new benefits will help DeWys Mfg. continue to provide improved service and opportunities to our customers.


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