Finding and Hiring the Right Person

Every company looks for a new hire that portrays certain qualities and traits during the interview process. The Human Resources department at DeWys Manufacturing is tasked for finding the right fit for the company and at times this can be stressful, but worth the process. Our human resources team work closely to review applications and meet with potential new hires that convey the same mission and vision as the DeWys Mfg. team.

Laura Elsner, Workforce Development Manager at DeWys Manufacturing, believes the right team member is “someone who wants to be a part of growing themselves and the company to the next level. Here at DeWys we put more of an emphasis on the cultural fit for the company, along with the persons motivation and drive to continuously learn. Having the skill set is a huge benefit, but if we can find the right candidate we can always help to create and advance the skill set within that person.”

The interview process mainly consists of two, sometimes three interviews depending on the position. The first interview is solely with our workforce development manager and human resources generalist. During this time, the HR team is looking for someone who is positive, motivated, has critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and has set goals for themselves personally. At this time, a candidate could also complete a weld or mechanical reasoning test to ensure they meet the skill set for that position. If the interviewee qualifies, a second interview is held with team leads and trainers that will be working directly with the potential new hire.

DeWys Manufacturing has been successful for 40 years thanks to the hard-working team members who have been a part of our road to success. As the company expands so does the need for more “hands-on deck”. With the right interview process in place it makes it easier on the company to find and hire the ‘right’ person.

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