DeWys University Now an Accredited Training Program with Local Community College

MARNE, MI – DeWys Manufacturing, a DeWys Metal Solutions Company, is proud to announce their first ever accredited on the job training program and with Grand Rapids Community College. With this partnership, team members at DeWys Manufacturing will be able to continue or even start their education journey while receiving the financial and health benefits of being employed.

“Partnerships create opportunities to build skills and change lives,” said Julie Parks, interim dean of the GRCC School of Workforce Development. “The DeWys training starts a pathway to GRCC, where employees can continue their education, grow their skills in advanced manufacturing while earning a credential that can take them to the next level.”

In 2012, DeWys University was developed to sustain business through on the job training, creating the talent required to keep up with the company’s growth. 10 years later and DeWys University is an accredited manufacturing trade school. During the 12-week course, team members will learn both theory and practice while receiving 3-6 credits towards their degree at GRCC. For now, the DeWys University weld program is the only accredited course offered but the goal is to have all training programs added in the future including press brake, powder coating, machining, cutting, and assembly.

DeWys offers 100% tuition reimbursement as one of the many benefits to their employees, so this collaboration between school and employer offers the companies team members financial freedom from tuition payments with possible student loans and debt.

“Some could view this as a transition program that will allow mom and dad to recognize going from high school to work as a viable option because their child can get the best of both worlds; earn credits with Grand Rapids Community College while getting their hands on experience” – Laura Preuss PHD, Workforce Development Manager

DeWys is committed to the success and safety of all stakeholders and with DeWys University now being an accredited training program, the company will continue to offer continuous improvement opportunities for all team members while staying optimistic for future growth of the DeWys team.

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