DeWys Manufacturing Invests in New, Quality Equipment

DeWys Manufacturing continues to invest in quality equipment with their latest additions: The Amada 12kW Ensis 3015 AJ Fiber Laser, and the Amada TK 3015L Automated Parts Sorting Cell. This machinery is a welcome addition to the company’s main location in Marne, MI.

Both the Laser and Part Picker offer a variety of advancements to DeWys and their customers. A major improvement is the expanded capacity for laser cutting projects, which improves functionality for the DeWys team, as well as their lead times. Chris Hawkins, Chief Operations Officer, states that the new system has allowed DeWys to reduce lead times within the cutting process by as much as 50%. Part of this is due to the ability to cut thicker materials in less time. Despite the increased thickness, no black edge appears on cutting projects, leading to better overall quality for customers.

“By adding additional laser cutting capacity to DeWys Manufacturing we can work more efficiently and are better able to serve the needs of our customers,” – Curtis Kolarik, Manufacturing Engineer.

Another significant change is the reduction in handling. By using a precise part picker to place parts directly onto a skid rather than going through shakeout, there is less risk of scratching and other damages. With fewer chances for interference, DeWys can continue to improve the overall quality of their products.

“With the purchase of our new Amada 12k Ensis Laser with a 26 shelve twin tower and TK parts sorting system it has allowed us to delivery material from the truck to the tower reducing handling and floor space. The speed of the 12K laser has helped up increase cycle times on certain materials by 2-3 times as fast as our current equipment. The Tk parts sorting system has allowed us to reallocate the labor that it takes to separate product form current equipment today.” – Chris Hawkins, Chief Operations Officer.

The DeWys team is excited to implement these changes and share their excitement with customers as future opportunities for growth arise.

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