$1.75m invested in a Leading-Edge Powder Coating System

Marne, MI (April 24th, 2015) – DeWys Manufacturing Inc., a West – Michigan based metal solutions company, is pleased to announce the addition of a new state-of-the-art powder coat system.

Powder Coating Line ImageThe new paint line features a 900 ft. conveyor system, touch screen control panels, along with customer specific racking and load design capabilities. Additional advantages entail a five stage stainless wash with an advanced zirconium seal to improve corrosion resistance, a modern climate control powder room, and a temperature censored cure oven to track overall cure process. Highlighting the new powder coat system is the Nordson Encore XT powder coat guns with Nordson Color on Demand System, allowing for a wide range of settings that will greatly increase quality and consistency for all customer parts.

The new DeWys Mfg. paint line continues the LEAN journey started twenty years ago by doubling the line speed giving you greater on time delivery. Throughput is increased by 75%, and powder waste is decreased by 20%. In addition, a super shift has been established consisting of paint line and assembly. This team combines their talents to assure paint production has the proper flow and runs efficiently, creating value for all our customers.

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