The DeWys History

From a Little Red Barn to a Full-Service
Metal Solution Enterprise

1977 - 1986

In 1977 Mark DeWys founded DeWys manufacturing in a little red barn on his parent’s property in Grand Rapids. A hands-on entrepreneur, Mark first gained experience in the industry while working in a tool-and-die shop owned by his grandfather.

Through his grandfather’s mentorship, Mark was inspired to embark on a career in the metal fabrication industry.

The start-up initially fabricated tubular fireplace inserts to efficiently heat homes as well as a variety of small metal parts.

DeWys eventually outgrew the red barn. The business added clients and diversified product offerings at several locations. In 1986 DeWys relocated to our current manufacturing location.

Illustrated Portrait of John DeWys
DeWys Engineering Business Card

1987 - 2000

DeWys Grows Into West Michigan Supplier with Three Plant Additions

Jon DeWys, the current CEO, joined the company in 1987 to help broaden the operational skillset. With diverse leadership skills, the company experienced continuous growth that led to three facilities.

In 1999, the company lost its original founder and mentor, Mark DeWys. Jon DeWys, Mark’s brother then stepped in to lead the company.


DeWys Building Outline

2001 - 2015

Innovative Leadership Establishes DeWys as North American Supplier

Through innovative leadership, DeWys catapulted from a West Michigan job-shop metal manufacturer to a full-service contract metal-solutions provider serving North America.

Leadership implemented changes in four business sectors:

+ Expanding market segments to include a full-service circle of companies.
+ Instituting additional principles of lean manufacturing
+ Investing in leading-edge technology
+ Devoting time and resources for workforce development.

Recognizing the importance of team members, the company created DeWys University in 2012 to create the talent required to keep up with continuous business growth.



DeWys Owners in Fabricator Magazine
DeWys Circle of Companies
DeWys University

2016 - 2020

Trusted Team Members Shape Our Future

DeWys Manufacturing team members are essential to the success of the company’s full-service approach. From the front office to the shop floor.

“Our company couldn’t have grown or invested in technology if it was not for the committed and caring team members here at DeWys Manufacturing. They are the heart of our successful organization.” – Jon DeWys, CEO

In 2017, DeWys Manufacturing acquired its first company, American Grower Resource. This addition allowed DeWys to explore the agriculture industry while also becoming an O.E.M of agriculture equipment.

In 2020 DeWys acquired its second company ReFab Metal Fab. This addition further expanded DeWys’ core capabilities and offerings.

The alignment of these two companies allowed DeWys to truly be a complete metal solutions company.




AGR Logo
AGR Metal Plant Rack
DeWys Owners in front of ReFab Truck

2021 +

Forming a Complete Metal Solutions Company.

In 2021 DeWys Metal Solutions was formed, creating a complete metal solutions company.

DeWys offers a variety of services as your true complete metal solutions company.

The various capabilities and services we provide better serve our current and future customers through a variety of industries.

Our history shows our passion for expanding into new offerings that satisfy every customer and their needs.

We are optimistic for the future and continued growth of DeWys Metal Solutions!

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