Electrical Enclosures & Cabinets

DeWys Manufacturing specializes in the production of custom electronic enclosures and electrical components tailored to the unique needs of various industries. With their expertise in sheet metal fabrication, they deliver high-quality enclosures designed to protect and house electronic components

DeWys in-house powder coating allows for specialized masking to control static electric and controlled grounding for enclosures.

What are Electrical Enclosures?

An electrical enclosure cabinet, also known as electrical enclosures, is a protective housing or box that is used to enclose electrical components and equipment. It provides a secure and organized environment for electrical devices, such as switches, relays, circuit breakers, and control panels.

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Electrical Enclosure Materials

Electrical enclosure cabinets are typically made of sturdy materials like metal (such as steel or aluminum) or non-metallic materials (such as plastic or fiberglass). The choice of material depends on factors such as the environment, level of protection required, and the specific application.

  • Stainless steel – provides corrosion resistance
  • Aluminum – provides lightweight properties
  • Carbon Steel – provides strength and versatility

Industries We Serve

Electronic Enclosure Cabinets We Fabricate

  • Ev charging stations
    • Wall-mounted enclosures, free-standing enclosures, outdoor-rated enclosures, lockable enclosures, ventilated enclosures
  • Battery Enclosures
    • Explosion-proof enclosures, fire-rated enclosures, ventilated enclosures, thermal management enclosures, acid-resistant enclosures, waterproof/ water-resistant enclosures
  • Power generators
    • Soundproof enclosures, vented enclosures, portable enclosures, weatherproof enclosures
  • AGV’s
    • Control panel enclosures, compact enclosures, vibration-resistant enclosures, sealed enclosures, temperature-resistant enclosures, shock-resistant enclosures
  • Mounting Brackets: Metal structural component used to attach or support another object securely in place. It is designed to provide stability, alignment, and reinforcement for the object it is intended to mount. Mounting brackets come in various shapes and sizes and often have holes, slots, or other features to allow for easy attachment.
  • Access Doors: Hinged or removable doors that provide access to the internal components of the enclosure. They may include locks or latches for security.
  • Hinges and Hinge Brackets: Mechanisms for attaching doors or covers to the enclosure, allowing them to swing open or be removed for access.


    Why Choose DeWys

    When it comes to your project, an off-the-shelf electrical enclosure component part may not always meet your specific needs. That's where DeWys Manufacturing comes in. We specialize in crafting custom electrical enclosures components that are designed to elevate your product or process to the next level. With our expertise and capabilities, we can create enclosures that are tailored precisely to your requirements. Reach out to us today to discover more about our custom electrical enclosure manufacturing capabilities.

    From contract engineering to powder coating and assembly, DeWys Metal Solutions can support any metal project.