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Automated & Robotic Welding

Customized, quality weldments for any size job

Automated & Robotic Welding

DeWys Metal Solutions offers you both automated welding and manual welding capabilities, all operated by our Certified Welding Program graduates.

Our robotic systems provide precise high-speed repetitive welding, while our 20+ welding and grinding booths are equipped with both MIG and TIG welding equipment. This allows us the flexibility to provide you with complex weldments in a variety of sizes and precise parts.

In addition to our machinery, we have full-time JIG and Fixture builders on staff to support our highly-skilled welding team.

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MedAccred Welding

DeWys is one of the few suppliers that has obtained the MedAccred welding accreditation across the nation. This accreditation enhances our welding process and structure and is one more way to show DeWys continues to provide innovative solutions that support our customers.

“MedAccred is an industry managed, consensus-driven approach to ensuring critical manufacturing process quality throughout the medical device supply chain.”

Automated Welding at DeWys

Megatron - DeWys Built

  • Welds 3x faster than hand welding

Lincoln Dual Robotic Welding Cell

  • Dedicated solely to larger weldments
  • Welds parts up to 600lbs and 10ft in length
  • Improving quality and capacity with automation
Lincoln Dual Robot Cell & Megatron

Advanced welding can make an obvious difference on your next job.

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