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The Leadership Team

Jon DeWys


Mark Schoenborn


Chris Hawkins

Chief Operating Officer

Will Kelderhouse

Chief Financial Officer

Christa Smith

Chief Revenue Officer

Mike Stream

Director of Continuous Improvement

Laura Preuss

Director of Workforce Development

Jim Marklevitz

Director of Supply Chain


Polly N.

Sherry M.

Taber P.

Chelsea W.

Business Unit Managers

Eric V.


Chad B.

Dan S.

Alex M.

Jason G.

Human Resources

Kacey R.

Nick G.

Jessie B.

Innovation Team

Lance F.

Matt S.

Bob M.

Curtis K.

Nick L.

Brecken B.

Zack T.


Bridgette C.


Luke M.

Amanda C.


Marissa H.

Tom I.

Brandon B.

Sales & Customer Service

Jeff B.

Charlie A.

Nick D.

Doug H.

Jinger T.

Ashley Z.

Nick M.

Stacy H.


Ryan M.

Tim M.

Scott Z.

Lew K.

Chad F.

Pat V.

Team Leads

Semir S.

Wade D.

Tyler H.

Ryan R.