DeWys Manufacturing Inc. Collaborates with Engineers to Improve Weld Booths

DeWys Manufacturing Inc., a West – Michigan based metal solutions company, is pleased to announce the innovative improvements of their previous welding facility. DeWys undertook the challenge of increasing weld booth capabilities, and improving team member workspace. The new design allows for a more prominent work environment and efficient product flow within the company which is a part of DeWys Manufacturing’s lean culture and continuous improvement activities.

IMG_3398Prior to the development of the new system, the weld booths lacked the functionality DeWys Mfg. needed to keep up with the evolving products of the manufacturing industry. The new weld booth blueprint features an open design concept creating a comfortable workspace with incandescent lighting, improved ventilation, UV protected welding curtains, and direct access to the paint line. DeWys Mfg. engineered specialized cabinets that hold the welding power supply, wire feeder, and other supplies needed for the operator outside of the booth. This allows the welder to have an easier handling on the part, increased safety, and cuts down on material handling time.

By reviewing the facilities floor plans, DeWys Mfg. produced a design to change the atmosphere for welders and increase production while maintaining a high quality standard for manufactured products. This upgrade is just one step in DeWys Manufacturing’s commitment to continually improve and provide customers with a complete metal solutions company that is

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