DeWys Manufacturing Inc. Purchases New Automated Conveyor System

DeWys Manufacturing Inc., a West – Michigan based metal solutions company, is pleased to announce the addition of a new state-of-the-art automated conveyor system. This conveyor system is over 160 feet long, weighs 44,000 pounds, and allows for a fast and easy connection of parts from the fabrication process to the powder coating line. With a total of eight loading stations within the conveyor system, our customers’ products are easily accessible at any point in our value streams. Once the pallet has been loaded onto the line, photo electric sensors are used to detect that they are in the correct position and ready to move down the conveyor.

With this new conveyor system in place, DeWys Manufacturing will be able to ensure that parts will be painted in the order they are received due to FIFO (first in first out). Hi-lo transportation has also been reduced allowing for better product flow from value stream to value stream, thus reducing our product handling time. The addition of this new conveyor system to DeWys Manufacturing will continue to enhance our lean process for future growth and progress, while providing continued quality improvements for our customers.


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