DeWys Stainless Solutions Growing With New Business Unit Manager

DeWys Stainless Solutions is proud to share details of their recent growth and development. As a part of the growing DeWys Metal Solutions brand, Stainless Solutions offers stainless steel and aluminum products delivered “with quality, by high-quality people.” Their company features dedicated equipment, highly skilled labor, and a separate workspace to lower the risk of contamination and produce quality products.

As a promising addition to the DeWys Metal Solutions Company, Stainless Solutions is backed by a growth and quality focused team. DeWys Stainless Solutions offers both ferrous and non-ferrous solutions, which allows the DeWys team to partner with customers on all their stainless and aluminum needs. The Stainless Solutions team provides variety by offering grades of stainless steel and aluminum up to 0.250 thick. A few of the industries served by DSS include medical, food processing, vending, energy enclosures, and commercial equipment.

A key component of Stainless Solutions is their new Business Unit Manager, Simon Maldonado. As a self-motivated and ambitious family-man, Simon moved his family to Michigan and launched his own business. After a few years of hard work and persistence, Simon moved to the Industrial Supply industry as a General Manager where he climbed the corporate ladder before transferring to a west Michigan manufacturing business as the National Sales Manager then to a GM role.

Then came DeWys. When asked what Simon brings to DeWys, he said: “My absolute key skills would be sales.” Simon has a passion for assessing markets and developing strategies on how to reach customers in the right ways. In his words, he strives for “understanding the sand box you are playing in.” When it comes to Simon’s favorite part of strategic planning, he values operations and trying to “marry the front and back end of the shop.”

Being part of a new company with a lot of growth potential excites Simon, as well as the opportunity to launch Stainless Solutions as its own company with a separate building in the future. Growing DSS from the ground up is one of the primary reasons Simon was hooked by DeWys in the first place.

Simon is especially passionate about teams with two things: the right people, and the right company culture. “Developing the right team as we grow is exciting to think about. We have a great group right now, so I’m looking forward to building on that,” Simon shares. He describes how anyone can feel the atmosphere of a given team as soon as they enter a building, and having a healthy, well connected employee culture is crucial to him.

When it comes to DeWys Manufacturing, one value they have held close is the family-oriented feel that brought the company together in the first place. As someone who considers his family as his number one priority, Simon is the perfect fit for the growing DeWys team.

For more on DeWys Stainless Solutions and their dedication to the DeWys team, visit the DSS website or follow them on social media.

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