DeWys Metal Solutions Proud to Announce Addition of Chief Financial Officer to Their Executive Team

Following DeWys Metal Solutions’ addition of an executive team this past June, the company is proud to welcome Will Kelderhouse as the company’s Chief Financial Officer. Will’s addition to the team serves as a milestone for growth as it will assist DeWys’ future expansions and strengthen the company’s position of “One Company; Endless Metal Capabilities”.

Will graduated from Central Michigan University with a degree in Accounting, acquiring his CPA license shortly after. Most recently, Will spent 14 years as CFO for a wholesale distribution company that experienced massive growth and tripled in revenue under his leadership. His influence evolved the company from a local distributor to a chain spreading across the Great Lakes region.

“We are thrilled to have Will join our team as CFO. His previous 14 years of experience in growing a family business similar to DeWys Metal Solutions through various acquisitions will accelerate our ability to grow and serve our customers. Will is a wonderful addition to our culture and will continue to build on the family values instilled at DeWys while enhancing all the great things we have been doing.” – Mark Schoenborn, President

Like many who join the DeWys team, Will explains that the family-owned aspect of the company is what drew him to his new role. After acclimating to the company culture, he’s eager to see what the future holds for both him and the company.

“What excites me the most is the eagerness everyone has to help the business evolve and grow while continuing to provide relevance to customers and team for development.” – Will Kelderhouse, CFO

When it comes to DeWys and its many goals for the future, Will feels that his contributions as CFO will provide a new perspective on how the company and its many teams are functioning. He looks forward to the opportunity to serve as a resource to help DeWys and its subsidiaries grow in the right direction, whether that be with product launches, acquisitions, or other ventures.

The DeWys Metal Solutions executive team is passionate about advancing the future of manufacturing while remaining one of the Best and Brightest Companies in West Michigan and the Nation!

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