Behind the Scenes: Meet DeWys’ Inside Sales Team!

In DeWys Manufacturing’s 45 years of business, we have been fortunate to welcome several incredible individuals onto our team.

Recently, we have built up our Inside Sales Team to effectively match the progression of our company’s growth and our customer’s needs. After all, we wouldn’t be where we are today without the hard work and effort coming from the seven people featured below – people we not only cherish as part of our team, but as part of our DeWys family.


Nick Duke - man with black shirt and short brown hair Nick Duke, our Insides Sales Manager, has been with DeWys Manufacturing for 4 years and counting, stating that his favorite part about it is the opportunity to make positive changes in the company and feel that his voice is heard.

Nick’s team inspires him with their variety of strengths brought to the table, as well as diverse perspectives that make for a well-rounded sales team. As a leader, Nick currently has a goal to ensure his team is equipped and knowledgeable to provide the best service to DeWys customers.


Ashley Zwak serves as DeWys Manufacturing’s newly promoted Project Specialist. After two years with DeWys, Ashley has appreciated working for a local, Ashley Zwak - Woman smiling with floral shirt and red hairfamily-owned business. “We have a very helpful, accountable, flexible, and collaborative team! We always have a team member willing to help when needed,” She states.

When it comes to personal interests, Ashley is passionate about horses and has been coaching High School Equestrian for nearly 10 years.


Stacy Henry - Woman smiling with blue shirt and blonde hairOur newest Customer Service Rep, Stacy Henry, has been with DeWys for 9 months. Much like the rest of her colleagues, she loves the aspect of the company being smaller and feels a sense of belonging within her well-functioning team.

Stacy aims to continue creating an even more efficient process within the team, all while improving her own customer service skills to make the experience satisfactory on both ends. In her personal time, Stacy loves to play golf and looks forward to more opportunities to play.


Jinger Michael has worked with DeWys’ Customer Service team since May of 2020, and it was a great fit from the start. “I like that it is small enough to make youJinger Michael - Woman smiling with pink blazer and brown hair feel like family, but large enough to meet the high needs of customers,” Jinger claims.

“We have spent some time learning the needs of each of our customers so that we can give the best service for all customers,” She adds. Jinger would like to see long term relationships within the sales team-to work well together, to learn and grow together, and to serve our customers as a team with professional and successful results.

Outside of the office, Jinger is an avid St. Louis Cardinals fan and is hopeful they will make it to the World Series this year.


Nick Mansour - Man smiling with blue shirt and short brown hairNick Mansour has been part of the team since July of 2021, just a little over one year. Even after a short time with the team, Nick claims that it feels like one big family to him. His favorite part about their team dynamic is “the desire from everyone to want to see everyone else succeed.” Nick’s primary goal he has in mind for DeWys is to see the demand for growth as we take on new customers and accounts.

Something unique about Nick outside of his role at DeWys is that he has been on a gameshow.


DeWys’ Cost Analyst, Doug Hewitt, has been a part of the team the longest out of everyone at 20 years. Part of this is because Doug sees DeWys as a caring, Doug Hewitt - Man smiling with black shirt and short hairfamily-oriented company that strives to make an impact on the community. Doug loves how well the team works together, and how they are more than willing to help each other out.

Doug’s greatest goal for his team is to accomplish double digit sales increases every year while achieving good profitability.

Outside of the office, Doug enjoys collecting Detroit Tigers cards and memorabilia.


Finally, Praveen Kumar is DeWys’ estimator and the only team member who does not live in West Michigan; Praveen is from India and has been working alongside the DeWys team for the past 2.5 years.

Like his peers, he feels welcomed by DeWys’ work culture and exceptionally supportive team. His favorite part about working with us is the collaborative element, as well as appropriate, on time responses and delivery from his team.

As part of our Inside Sales team, Praveen hopes to continue to learn new things, both personally and professionally.


DeWys Manufacturing is dedicated to providing the best environment and growth opportunities for our esteemed team members, and our Inside Sales Team is a great example of how we aim to function. With a well-balanced variety of skills, passions, and personalities, we feel honored to call this team our DeWys family.

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