Celebrating Excellence: DeWys’ Remarkable Awards Journey

In the fast-paced and competitive manufacturing industry, recognition and awards hold great significance. They serve as a testament to a company’s commitment to excellence, team member satisfaction, community impact, and industry leadership. With a legacy of over 45 years, DeWys Manufacturing has consistently earned accolades. Let’s dive into the remarkable awards journey of DeWys over the past five years including the company’s recent achievement of MSHARP status in 2023, and discover the significant impact these honors have on our company.

Creating an Exceptional Work Environment:

DeWys’ commitment to providing an exceptional work environment has allowed them repeated recognition as on of the Best and Brightest Companies To Work For in West Michigan and the Nation from 2019 to 2023. This award celebrates our company’s dedication to team member engagement, work-life balance, and professional development. DeWys’ continued focus on fostering a positive and supportive workplace culture has attracted and retained top talent, driving our success.

Industry Excellence and Innovation:

The Fabricators esteemed “FAB40” ranking is a coveted accolade that recognizes the top fabricators in North America. DeWys has consistently secured a spot on this list for years, highlighting our exceptional fabrication capabilities, technological advancements, and commitment to quality. This recognition showcases our industry leadership and positions DeWys among the elite fabricators in the region.

Community Impact, Leadership, and Safety:

DeWys’ impact extends far beyond our facility. In 2019 we were honored with the “Community Impact” award by Michigan Manufacturers Association (MMA). This recognition acknowledges our exceptional contributions to our local community through philanthropic initiatives, volunteerism, and active involvement. DeWys’ commitment to making a positive difference demonstrates our core values.

In 2020, our efforts and achievements were recognized when DeWys was awarded the prestigious “John G. Thodis Small Tier Manufacturer of the Year” award from the MMA. This accolade celebrates our innovation, growth, and industry influence, setting DeWys apart as a role model for other manufacturers.

In 2021, DeWys received The Fabricators “Safety Award of Merit.” This esteemed acknowledgement affirms our commitment to prioritizing safety within our operations, protecting our team members, and promoting a culture of workplace well-being. This recognition reflects DeWys’ unwavering dedication to maintaining a safe and secure working environment.

This year marked another significant milestone for DeWys as we are now one of eight companies in the state of Michigan to achieve MSHARP status and receive this award. This highlights our promise to workplace safety and health. Attaining MSHARP status demonstrates our dedication to implementing comprehensive safety measures, proactive team member training, and a culture of continuous improvement.

DeWys’ exceptional awards journey exemplifies our unwavering pursuit of excellence, workplace safety, community impact, and industry leadership. Our consistent recognition as one of the Best and Brightest Companies to Work For, inclusion on the FAB40 list, and commitment to workplace safety illustrate our dedication to creating an outstanding work environment.

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