Wyze Designs Revitalizes the Roots of DeWys Metal Founder

DeWys Metal Solutions, a leader in advanced contract manufacturing, located in Marne, MI, has launched new products through pivotal brand Wyze Designs. The second-generation company, founded by Josh DeWys, enhances the current DeWys Metal Solutions offerings by bringing a fresh take on modern design choices, while historically honoring DeWys founder. Founder Mark DeWys, known as a ‘tin-knocker’, started the company in 1977 with home goods consisting of fireplace inserts. Backed by a manufacturing company, Wyze Designs advocates for local manufacturing initiatives strengthening talent, advancement of design, and customer astonishment.


Its partnership brings excitement to the stakeholders of DeWys Metal Solutions, where refined aesthetics don’t have to be boring or unachievable. In today’s world, now that we can create almost anything, we ask ourselves what are we going to do next and how do we honor what came before us?  


Second generation Josh DeWys, of current DeWys owner Jon DeWys, has started expanding back into home goods and beyond to connect back into the historic roots of the DeWys founder Mark DeWys. This pivotal partnership in the company’s history explains that innovation co-exists with design and manufacturing.  


In one of their most recent project briefs, Wyze Designs was challenged with creating and implementing a cohesive storage system, both aesthetically pleasing and intentional. The brand’s president shared, “I was blown away to hear our product was already in production – normally at this point, we wouldn’t know where we were making it.”  Working with office, medical, and laboratory furniture, Wyze establishes relationships with brands and organizations to create custom product solutions specific to their needs.  By pairing design & engineering with prototyping & manufacturing – they can craft original products at any scale. 


Wyze Designs (www.wyzedesigns.com) is an easy platform for customers and current or potential partners to connect with the Wyze Designs team and explore their story-making. The current Wyze Designs product line includes Shop Wyzer (www.shopwyzer.com) an easy way for customers to shop with Wyze Designs and see current and future product offerings. The products include birdfeeders, light pendants, mailboxes, and more. 


Looking beyond to a resilient future in manufacturing veers the edge of bringing us back to our roots of making while advancing technical capabilities of the next generation of technology.  As DeWys Metal Solutions Company and Wyze Designs embark on this transformative journey together, they remain steadfast in their dedication to delivering superior products, services, and experiences to their customers. With a shared passion for innovation and excellence, the partnership is poised to shape the future of manufacturing and design, leaving a legacy for generations to come. 


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