Critical Manufacturer Supporting Essential Businesses During A Global Pandemic

Coronavirus, also known as COIVD-19, is a virus that has affected many communities world wide in a variety of ways. While everyone is working together to navigate through unprecedented times, the team members at DeWys Manufacturing have continued to support our essential customers day in and day out. They take pride in knowing the team is making a difference now more than ever!

Being deemed a critical and essential business is humbling and DeWys takes that classification seriously. The safety of our team members is of up most importance as we maintain a high level of support to exceed our customers needs. Since the outbreak, the company has taken numerous proactive steps to ensure the health and well being of our team including:

  • Created a COVID-19 taskforce that meets daily to address and take action to any concerns within DeWys
  • Increased our daily cleaning services and contracted a professional deep cleaning service for proactive measures to clean the entire facility weekly.
  • Created an active pandemic response plan to ensure correct measures and steps are being taken as needed
  • Continued internal employee engagement activities (from a social distance) to maintain a positive morale

In the over 40 years of business, DeWys Manufacturing has been through many challenges including fire, deaths and past recessions. We will rise above this pandemic and come out stronger together as a community.