2023 Reflections

As we begin a new year, we reflect on our mission and what we can achieve together. Since 1977 we have been committed to being a leader in advanced contract manufacturing while helping each other achieve personal, professional, and financial goals. We are proud to share the award of the Best & Brightest Award and MSHARP Award.  


Advancing The Process 

Building together in 2023 meant listening to our customers’ needs while expanding our portfolio of products. DeWys challenged its capabilities by adding additional machines to its facility, expanding its Stainless-Steel division, and adding new materials to redesign existing products.  

New Materials for Product

Dedicated Stainless Steel and Aluminum Facility


We added two new Automated Tool Changing Press Brakes delivering advanced techniques, shorter lead times, variable lot sizes, and unparalleled quality. We also added laser welding capabilities speeding up the welding process and creating consistent welds.    

Automatic Tool Changing Press Brake  


Four team members were recognized this year through the advancement of their area including Chad, Don, Zachary, and the shipping team. Their advancements saved time by changing how data is entered, reduced additional stripping of metal, and implemented universal standards to minimize manual labor. Each nominee won $1,000! 


Respecting Character 

Whether we are helping local organizations or those in our backyard, we celebrate small wins every day through how we act. We got to especially acknowledge Dave, Jackie, Rivver, and Zachary for the Character Award in 2023. These team members acted without hesitation when there was a car accident in front of our building, helped to medically intervene when a family member was sick, and provided transportation to a co-worker who could not get to work. These award winners were just some of the few among many recognized for their character and service to their communities.  


Customer Astonishment 

Excellence was caught in action as DeWys Metal Solutions team members carried the torch of precision manufacturing. Through engineering, design, and manufacturing support, DeWys executed large-scale projects for various industries. Customers were impressed with our ability to fabricate and assemble at a large scale, integrating project visions into reality.  

Large Scale Assemblies  


We recognize Jesse, Nate, Eddie, and Chad who astonished customers through their DeWys values. Bad welds were caught, PEMS were reorganized, the paint line was optimized, and quick responses were made to meet customer due dates. They caught bad welds halfway through the welding process, reorganized their areas to create more efficiency and the paint line caught oven temperatures at the right time to ensure quality parts.  


Empowered Talent  

DeWys Metal Solutions stands with talented leaders in manufacturing, we have been adding industry innovators, skilled operators, and faithful community builders. DeWys is a story of intentional progress and growth through the skills of its team members. From astonishing customers to advancing their teams, we recognize the Talent Award Winners Scott, Andrea, Kevin, and Ben in 2023. In their work, they produced amazing quality, were fast learners and team players, helping other departments when they could.   


DeWys expresses gratitude to its customers for continually surprising and delighting us. We thank each team member for their hard work and daily utilization of their remarkable talents. The varied products we have created and the valuable experiences we have gained contribute to our collective growth and learning. We are excited to expand our capabilities and expand on what is next.  

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