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OEM Sheet Metal Forming & Bending

DeWys Metal Solutions specializes in OEM fabrication services. Equipped with cutting-edge technologies and advanced fabricators, we provide a range of services that address any phase of the fabrication process.

As your trusted US metal fabrication company, we’re able to transform your ideas into quality metal parts.

Oem Sheet Metal Forming And Bending Near Me

What Industries Rely on Sheet Metal Fabrication?

Bending sheet metal produces parts for machines and industrial components across a range of fields and applications. Hire DeWys for any and all sheet metal fabrication needs. We’d love the opportunity to help you achieve your vision, regardless of your industry.

Industries that may benefit from precision metal bending include:

Our turn-key metal bending services change the shape of sheet metal and beyond. The performance requirements of your application guide our techniques and equipment selections. DeWys’ sheet metal bending and forming, gives you more flexibility with designs, lower costs, and stronger lighter components than traditional fabrication.

Sheet Metal Bending Services

If a material is not very malleable, it is liable to crack when trying to bend it. We achieve precision bending without defects or flaws with our machinery. Our Salvagnini Performer P-2 Panel Bender machine optimizes bends for a variety of metal products.

Categories ideal for bending:

  • 5052 & 3003 Aluminum
  • Annealed Alloy Steel
  • Cold Rolled
  • Hot Rolled Low Carbon Steel
  • Mild Steel
  • High Strength Steel
  • 304, 430, & 316 Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a preferred choice for the medical and food industries, with grades 301, 304, and 316 commonly used while grade 316 has the highest strength and corrosion resistance.

What Materials Are Eligible for Sheet Metal Bending?

Sheet metal bending and forming have the power to transform different gauges and lengths of metal into tight configurations to produce your precision-formed parts. Thickness of sheet metal is determined by the term “gauge” and comes in many options. The gauges range from 1 to 50 or 7.62mm to .03mm of thickness.

Achieve Precision and Performance For Your Custom Parts

When you need custom parts, our metal fabricators deliver high-quality pieces with superior performance. With custom sheet metal bending and forming, we’re able to deliver products that meet your exact specifications. Request a quote today for your sheet metal application.

Our Equipment

Bending & Forming Equipment Listing Equipment Specification
(6) Bystronic XPert 150 10’ bed Bystronic 150’s
10” stroke
150 tons
(2) Bystronic Xpert 80 5’ bed Bystronic 80’s
8” stroke
80 tons
(1) Bystronic Xpert 200 Bystronic 200’s
(2) Amada ATC HG 1003 10’ bed Amada
10” stroke
100 tons

Get a Quote for Sheet Metal Forming & Bending

Metal forming and bending has never been done with more precision. For the best results, hire DeWys Metal Solutions. We’re proud to serve as your trusted US metal fabrication company. To request a quote for OEM sheet metal forming and bending, please call (616) 677-5281. For general questions, please fill out our contact form and a member of our team will reach out to you soon.

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