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The DeWys Brands

Explore our family of companies under the trusted and renowned DeWys Metal Solutions brand. DeWys Metal Solutions is truly your one-stop shop as a US metal fabrication company.

Custom Metal Manufacturing

DeWys Manufacturing

DeWys Manufacturing, based in the heart of Michigan, stands as a beacon of precision and innovation in the metal fabrication industry. For over four decades, we have been shaping the future with our expert craftsmanship and advanced manufacturing processes, delivering custom metal solutions across the United States. Hire our US metal fabrication company to get started.

Custom Stainless Steel Commercial Equipment

DeWys Stainless Solutions

As your trusted US metal fabricator, we know that few materials offer the versatility, durability, and aesthetic appeal quite like stainless steel. When it comes to crafting structures, components, or products that demand resilience against corrosion, high temperatures, and pressure, stainless steel emerges as the go-to choice.

Custom Metal Product Design

Wyze Designs

From design to delivery, Wyze Designs works with brands and organizations to create custom product solutions specific to their needs. As your trusted US product design and manufacturing company, we can create original products for your brand, space, or yourself. By pairing product design and engineering with prototyping and manufacturing,we are able to craft original products at any scale.

Metal Fabrication Companies Near You


At ReFab, we carefully listen to your needs, collaborate closely, and consistently deliver uncompromised craftsmanship. Our proactive customer service team ensures that you are supported every step of the way, making your experience with ReFab as efficient and enjoyable as possible.

Powder Coating Companies Near Me

Shoreline Powder Coating

As a proud subsidiary of DeWys Metal Solutions, Shoreline Powder Coating benefits from decades of industry expertise and a robust network of metal fabrication services. This relationship enhances our ability to offer comprehensive solutions that meet diverse needs, from small custom jobs to large-scale industrial projects.

Custom Agricultural Metal Products

American Grower Resource

DeWys Metal Solutions’ company, American Grower Resource, has been supporting and building products for the agriculture industry for over 20 years. These grow racks serve as a transportation unit for products from greenhouses and growers to their final destination. Our expertise as a US agricultural metal fabricator makes us a trusted partner.

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DeWys Metal Solutions is proud to serve as your trusted metal fabrication company in the United States and is ready to support your production.