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DeWys Metal Solutions’ company, American Grower Resource, has been supporting and building products for the agriculture industry for over 20 years. These grow racks serve as a transportation unit for products from greenhouses and growers to their final destination. Our expertise as a US agricultural metal fabricator makes us a trusted partner for farmers and agricultural businesses seeking high-quality, durable solutions.

Custom Fabrication in the Agriculture Industry

Metal Fabrication For Agriculture

We understand the unique needs of each sector. That’s why we offer custom fabrication in the agriculture industry, crafting everything from grow racks to hog feeders. Whether you need small components or large, complex systems, our metal parts for agricultural equipment are engineered to offer reliability and performance.

Our agriculture products include:

  • Customizable high-end grow racks
  • Efficient knock-down grow racks
  • Two and four-door hog feeders

Agricultural Equipment Parts Fabrication

At DeWys Metal Solutions, we excel in agricultural equipment parts fabrication. We produce essential agricultural equipment parts using precision techniques that ensure each piece meets stringent quality standards. Our capabilities in sheet metal fabrication for agricultural equipment allow us to work with a variety of materials and designs, providing versatility and innovation in every product.

Agricultural Equipment Fabrication

Our agricultural equipment fabrication services are designed to support the productivity of your farming and greenhouse operations. We use state-of-the-art technology and advanced manufacturing processes to create metal fabrications that withstand the challenges of the agricultural environment.

Partner with us for your metal fabrication services, and benefit from our deep understanding of agricultural metal fabrication needs. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction ensures that every piece of equipment we produce is built to last and tailored to your specific requirements.

Request a Quote for Agricultural Metal Fabrication

Ready to reach out to our US metal fabrication company? We’d love to hear from you. DeWys Metal Solutions is your trusted manufacturer of grow racks, hog feeders, and other agricultural products. To request a quote, please call (616) 677-5281 or fill out our online contact form.

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