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Product Assembly

In need of product development services near you? Be sure to reach out to our US metal fabrication company. At DeWys Metal Solutions, we’re prepared to offer our product assembly service so your company can grow and thrive. Get in touch with our team and we’ll introduce you to our product assembly services in the USA.

Benefits of Partnering with DeWys

Do you have a complex project that requires the coordination and assembly of multiple materials for your finished goods? Choose DeWys and ask us about our assembly services, such as kit and finish packs.

Sheet Metal Product Assembly Company

Instead of sourcing multiple suppliers for several products and components, get more value from your dollar and let us lead you in each step of the process. With the addition of Composer Software, it allows team members to create graphical content to present the product and process used for each assembly.

Product assembly may be used for the following industries:

Large-Scale Product Assembly

DeWys Metal Solutions specializes in manufacturing large-scale metal assemblies and weldments for diverse industries. With facility space to expand your product line, we can streamline, scale and sustain large order quantities and assembly requirements.

Our US metal fabrication company can manufacture many individual components, integrate several different materials from other vendors, then assemble the finished items prior to shipment to your dock. This gives you more flexibility in terms of staff, less overhead, and streamlined manufacturing processes on your floor. Contact our product assembly team to get started.

Request a Quote for Product Assembly

Interested in our product assembly services? Hire our experts at DeWys Metal Solutions to get the job done right. We’re honored to serve as your trusted US metal fabrication company and would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our product assembly services. To request a quote, please call (616) 677-5281 or fill out our contact form.

Sheet Metal Product Assembly Company