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DeWys Metal Solutions offers a full range of solutions for your business, from product development to sheet metal fabrication. We’re proud to serve as your US metal fabrication company and are ready to take your product to the next level.

To learn about one of our services, please click on any of the links below. To request an estimate, please call (616) 677-5281 or fill out our contact form.

OEM Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet metal fabrication services are used in nearly every industry you can think of. As your provider of quality metal products, we aim to ensure you have what you need to make your clients happy.

OEM Sheet Metal Forming & Bending

Bending sheet metal produces parts for machines and industrial components across a range of fields and applications. Hire DeWys for any and all sheet metal fabrication needs. We’d love the opportunity to help you achieve your vision, regardless of your industry.

Laser Cutting

Our laser cutting systems provide accurate material selection, low labor, and advanced safety features. We’re also the second manufacturing facility in the nation to use a fully automated part-sorting robot to streamline the laser cutting preparation and part removal steps.

Turret Punching

Our turret punching services stand at the forefront of metal fabrication technology. With our advanced machinery, we guarantee not only rapid production times but also the utmost precision. This combination ensures your projects are executed flawlessly.


DeWys Metal Solutions offers you both robotic welding and manual welding capabilities, all operated by our Certified Welding Program graduates. We deliver customized, quality weldments for any size job.


Our shop has the capacity to handle any size run of the machined parts you need. With expanded capacity, competitive pricing, quick delivery, and years of unmatched experience, the DeWys Machining Center can help you meet and beat your business goals.

Powder Coating

Customers count on DeWys not just as a powder coating facility, but as a value-added supplier who can fabricate, powder coat and even assemble their specific products in a variety of industries. This gives customers flexibility and options when choosing suppliers and partners.

Product Development

We understand the direct effect product design has on your quality, production costs, and your customers’ satisfaction. As such, our engineers are committed to early supplier involvement in product development to ensure your parts are designed for manufacturability.

Product Assembly

Do you have a complex project that requires the coordination and assembly of multiple materials for your finished goods? Choose DeWys and ask us about our assembly services, such as kit and finish packs.

Contract Manufacturing

Welcome to your premier US metal fabrication company, where precision meets reliability in contract manufacturing. Specializing in high-quality metalwork, we offer tailored solutions that support industries ranging from medical equipment parts to EV charging.