A DeWys 2022 Year in Review

As another year ends, we are taking the time to reflect on all the progress we have made together. With the help of our amazing team, we were able to accomplish many goals in 2022 that will carry us into the new year with the ambition to do even more in 2023! Check out some highlights:

45th Anniversary

2022 marked 45 years since DeWys Manufacturing was founded by Mark DeWys, brother of current CEO Jon DeWys. We celebrated this accomplishment with a summer cookout for the books. These past nearly five decades have been incredibly successful, and we want to thank our customers and families for their continued support. We look forward to another 45 years filled with growth, prosperity, and continued fun with our team!

Investing in our future

To help advance our team and the work we provide, DeWys invested in new equipment and upgraded the functionality of our paint line. Our new laser and part picker, the Amada 12kW Ensis 3015 AJ Fiber Laser, and the Amada TK 3015L Automated Parts Sorting Cell. This new machinery improves our production quality, lead times and capacity.

On top of our new equipment, we restructured our leadership team this year to position the company for growth. DeWys developed our first Executive team and promoted multiple team members to Vertical Business Unit leaders on the shop floor. These positions among many fresh faces have poised our team for a new year full of exciting opportunities.

Community and Education

DeWys has always valued community support and the gift of learning, which is why we continued to dedicate time to giving back! This year, we furthered our efforts to support education for the next generation and the welfare of local families. From volunteering for causes like Kid’s Food Basket and Salvation Army Angel Tree Toy Drive, to hosting tours and workshops at our facility, we had a fulfilling year of sharing our passions and helping our neighbors!

GRCC Weld Credits

Part of our drive to educate includes our latest partnership with GRCC. This year, DeWys University and GRCC joined forces to provide welding classes to DeWys team members, granting them real college credit and a certificate for their achievements. This program is one of many accomplishments met by DeWys University since its founding in 2012.

Woman handing man certificate for completing course, smiling at camera

Some fun & games

Our team knows how to have fun! We spent summer nights at the Berlin Fair and a beautiful fall day at the John Ball Zoo. On holidays, we received visits from the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and Santa Claus himself! And best of all, we spent quality time with our team over delicious meals, team rivalries, and celebration. There is always something to look forward to at DeWys!

New Cafeteria

Our main breakroom underwent a huge makeover! We now have a brand-new cafeteria at the south end of the building, complete with snacks, coffee, fresh lunch, and plenty of seating for any occasion. Our team celebrated the space with our annual Thanksgiving feast and ribbon cutting earlier this month, just in time for the holidays.

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