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DeWys Metal Solutions is proud to announce its latest partnership. Founded by CEO Jon DeWys’ son, Josh DeWys, Wyze Designs blends intentional design with streamlined prototyping to bring unique products to market quickly.

For customers seeking a market advantage, the partnership brings product design, engineering, rapid prototyping, and precision manufacturing all under one roof. From concept to finished product, the process is seamless.

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Customers also benefit from a proven track-record. In his eight years as a product development engineer for a global furniture company, Josh DeWys worked alongside industrial designers to bring their vision to life, from design to engineering to global mass production.

The partnership brings new meaning to DeWys’ celebrated “family of brands.” According to Josh DeWys, “Working in the family business sparked my passion for blending good design with empathy for the entire manufacturing process.”

Long before founding Wyze Designs, Josh DeWys was using his design skills to solve problems. At age 17, he created a more durable hog feeder. The ingenious solution has since become part of American Grower Resources (a DeWys Metal Solutions company) product offering. By 2015, he was working with DeWys Manufacturing to design and manufacture food carts for a startup. Wyze Designs was born.

After collaborating on several more products, it was only a matter of time before the two companies would officially partner. “It’s been a privilege to watch Josh learn and evolve,” explains Jon DeWys. “Growing up with DeWys Manufacturing, he’s been able to implement our principles, morals, and vision into his own company structure.”

Today, Wyze Designs boasts a broad network of strategic partners, from industrial designers and product engineers to manufacturers with a range of capabilities. The team can efficiently execute prototypes, mixed volume builds, and complete products, while partnering with DeWys to deliver precision metal solutions at high volume.

With DMS-added agility to expand its offerings, Wyze Designs is poised for growth. As Josh DeWys explains, “Being able to rejoin the family business is an opportunity to create value for our stakeholders in an exciting and innovative way.”

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Hire Wyze Designs for your next project. We’re proud to serve as your US product development company. To learn more about our services, please call (616) 970-6042 or email Josh at

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